In The Game

I’ve been preparing for a Lunch & Learn for tomorrow. It’s a conversation I’ve offered to lead around developing product stories, those bits and emotions that surround whatever it is you’re trying to promote. How to curate the influence around you to reach your audience. Not an easy task.

This isn’t a talking head kind of presentation. It’s a dialogue I’m hoping to spur, and of course I want to hit it out of the park. It’ll take a lot of participation to make it successful, and I’m not the most engaging conversationalist, something implied by the fact that I’m a writer. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost sleep over this lunch, but it’s definitely added to my gray hair count.

When we’re called upon to do something special, we naturally want to excel. We want the best of ourselves and hope those touched by what we’re doing will walk away with that “WOW.”

I think that’s the wrong approach. We have things we’re good at, and dabble in others, and if we’re trying to smash a homerun everytime we’re at bat we’ll be miserable.

Just get in the game to start, and see what happens when the pitch comes in.

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