Content Writing for Real People – And…Go!

Well, this is it, the inaugural post for The Write Cheese. At first we were going to be The Big Cheese, and then DC Writing Services, and then a myriad of alternatives until we settled on The Write Cheese. We like the name; it indicates what we do (content writing) and the cheeky way we do it (“that’s good cheese!”). That’s the approach we try to maintain. Whether we’re writing digital content or a eulogy, we try to focus on the definite levity of life, while being simultaneously aware of its gravity. Keep it light, in spite of the seriousness of it all.

Although we’ve been writing for decades and freelancing for years, launching TWC is a bold step into uncharted territory. All of us here have been tied to salaries – some by the proverbial golden handcuffs – once being all of a technology manager, a cheesemaker, a mountain biker and trail runner, with one common thread: we write with passion and purpose, and a love of helping others with our specific talent.

More than just content writing

So that’s our schtick. But it’s not really a schtick, it’s more like a story, authentic and unique to us. Case and point, we write, and we do it well. We can take your ideas – business proposals to copywriting, grant requests to memoirs – and spin it into something people will want to read, with your product’s unique personality shining through.

So back to business then, here is a convenient link back to our contact page. Click that link, and let’s get the ball rolling…

PS – Yes, we’re aware of the SEO flaws in this post. We write for real people first, and SEO second. Normally we’d put a little more effort into fixing it up, but even in content writing there’s value in being as real as possible.

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