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Case Study: WESTCOAST Sightseeing

Company Background

WESTCOAST Sightseeing is one of Vancouver’s best known tour companies. With a pedigree spanning over 30 years, the company has continually evolved and risen with the times. In an effort to continue to expand their services to visitors on Canada’s west coast, they consulted The Write Cheese for two projects, a business case and a rewrite of their website content.

Project Background

WESTCOAST Sightseeing was trying to introduce a new product, something (classified) of the likes that Vancouver has never seen before. There were many stakeholders in the game, including a resistant local community group and the City of Vancouver. The Write Cheese was tasked with distilling existing research on the product into a coherent and appealing package to be presented to the city. The company was also redesigning their website to give it a more contemporary look and improve the user experience. Scarlett Labs was commissioned to do the design, while The Write Cheese was asked to provide updated written content.

Objectives: Proposal

  • Prepare an easy to read yet eloquent business case to persuade the City of Vancouver to permit the new product
  • Conduct research with tour operators elsewhere who are already offering the product

Objectives: Website Content

  • With an international audience, the language needed to be relatively simple, but still sufficiently engaging for readers whose mother language is English
  • Write directed to the customers
  • Improve the tone; friendly, approachable, informative


Ultimately, the new product wasn’t approved by the city, but progress was made. Historically, they had been completely opposed to the plan when offered by others. WESTCOAST Sightseeing was at least able to open the floor for continued dialogue, and is still working toward a solution to a complex problem.

The website content complements the new design and booking system. The wording is fun and upbeat, but still reads simply and on-brand. Information is provided to the audience at a level that helps them plan their visits to the city and surrounding areas.

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