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Case Study: Cultivated Cannabis

Case Study: Cultivated Cannabis

When Cultivated Cannabis open for business in 2017, the intent was to do more than just sell cannabis. The medical marijuana market was underserved and faced uphill challenges at every turn, fighting both the stigma surrounding cannabis and the eclipsing presence of traditional pharmacology. They were confident in the benefits and safety of their products as alternatives to medicines that often carry with them debilitating side effects or costs.

In spite of their efforts the business struggled for months, processing as little as one or two daily sales. Through an active social media presence and advertising campaigns, sales increased throughout their first year, but the revenue was still only trickling in.

In December of 2018, Cultivated Cannabis began discussing possible avenues of increasing their market share with The Write Cheese. Even with an absence of industry metrics to prove that professional blogging can have a positive impact in the cannabis market, they decided to run weekly blog posts for four months.

Sales Increasing

The campaign was launched in the middle of January 2019. By the end of February, sales had increased 51% over January, and 85% over November, the month recreational use of marijuana became legal in Canada.

Cultivated noticed another interesting factor as well. The topic of the second blog post covered some of the medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component found in hemp and marijuana. The week following the post, CBD sales increased 480%. The week after they fell 260%, still up 220%.

Coincidence or Causality

We would be remiss without noting that these numbers in no way point definitively towards the effectiveness of professional blogging, but they do support the argument. Everything else in the conduct of the business was static during this period. The increase in sales could simply be a result of legalization, and the targeted increase in CBD sales might have just been coincidence. On the other hand, these statistics  suggest that professional writing might have been the catalyst the business needed to finally project forward.

Cultivated Cannabis is now strongly on their way toward their goal of helping to liberate the marijuana industry. By increasing available information through their blog, they are also increasing awareness and acceptability of cannabis use and treatments. They are realizing both their business success, as well as their greater vision.

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