Balancing quality with quantity on your blog

Blogging: Balancing Quality with Quantity

Do you balance quality with quantity on your blog?

Heads Up: Simply, this post is wrong, and I wouldn’t even call it a first draft since it never got that far. I’ve posted it only for reference, as detailed in this post on what to do when what you’ve written isn’t what you intended to write.

A little while ago, Seth Godin published a blog post about the practice of blogging daily. It’s an interesting concept. Definitely, writing takes practice, and any writer should be writing every day. But there’s a real concern that you’ll run out of meaningful content, and just start contributing to the baseless chatter clogging the internet. If you have subscribers, how many of them are going to punt your unread updates into a folder to be deleted later, and how many are going to unsubscribe?

Seth’s updates to his subscribers are usually only little soundbites that give a moment of pause. How many of them convert to a visit to his website. Obviously, he has a massive following and commands an online authority many of us only dream about, so if he loses a couple of subscribers because of the frequency of his posting, it’s not really a big deal.

I came across another post, inspired by Godin’s, that echoed concerns about publishing junk by blogging daily. Seth’s response to him was that his doubts were unhelpful. “Just begin,” was the instruction.

Just begin.

But I’m not so sure. I have a personal blog I could publish to daily, but I’d be hesitant to do the same for my company’s site. Everything we know about search analytics suggests that we need to write long format, authoritative posts. I’m not sure publishing on a daily basis to my professional blog is all that smart. Will our search rankings plummet by pumping out the same soundbite posts that Godin makes a mint from? Is the success of his blog predicated on the reputation he’s built elsewhere, or is it all part of a package? Should we swallow our concerns and just start to see where it carries us?

I’m usually a firm believer in the “build it and they will come” cliche, but on this topic, I’m on the fence. What are your thoughts? Would you publish 100-word, daily posts for your business blog?

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