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4 Ways to Use Content to Win Repeat Customers

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Semisonic, Closing Time

You’re best customers are going to be repeat customers, and well written content is the dope to keep ’em coming back.

There was an alternative pop song in the nineties called Closing Time. If you’ve ever heard it – and if you’re of my age, you have – you would remember it. The gist, if I may be so bold to summarize such a complex work, is that the hour has reached closing time for a bar, and patrons are looking for other patrons to, well, go home with. You can draw your own conclusions.

I can recall countless nights driving home with friends (all invariably single) singing the lyrics to that song. We joked about it constantly. But when we arrived back to our respective homes, we went to bed and turned out the lights feeling just a little bit let down by the evening.

“Each transaction does one of two things for your bottom line…”

I’m not regaling you with this story because I’m nostalgic. If we take the message of that song out of it’s adolescent sadness, we can see that there’s real value behind it. When one thing ends, another begins. And so it is with business. Each transaction your organization completes does one of two things for your bottom line, depending on how you approach it:

First, it provides a single line entry into your ledger, a moment in the day when you sold something and put a little bit of cash into the register. You’ve made a sale, and pat yourself on the back for it. Lock up, go home.

Or two, that interaction with your audience provided an opportunity to start something new. You’ve taken their money and solved a problem for them in return, and now the door is blown wide open to see them again and again, turning them into a repeat customer. According to this post from Small Biz Trends, the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 70%, while selling to a new customer is as low as 5%. If that isn’t enough to want to see your clients again, claims that repeat customers spend a whopping 67% more on average than new ones.

With numbers like that, if you aren’t making every effort to get those people back in your door, you’re really missing out.

How do you make sure your customers come back? Here, content is once again the ruling, gender-neutral monarch. Here is an easy list of how to use content to ensure that your clients come back over and over.


If you have a blog for your brand (what do you mean “you don’t”?!), use it. There are few things that tell a customer you don’t care about your relationship with them more than having a dormant blog, or no blog at all. The sale is only part of the buyer’s journey. They know a lot about you before they even set foot in your shop, and afterward, they’re going to continue learning your story. If you don’t have one, if you aren’t intentionally drawing them in, someone else will.

Email Follow-up

Like the song suggests, when one beginning ends, another begins. To repeat ourselves, the monetary transaction with your client is not the end of the transaction, ever. By following up with an e-mail you can – and should – level-up your customer service by letting the client know you are still there to help. If they aren’t satisfied, what can you do to improve the situation? If they are satisfied, simply putting yourself out there is a reminder to the audience that you do good business. Have a follow-up email templated by a content writer, and personalized it for each client. This can be automated by programs like Infusionsoft, so you aren’t spending all of your time on email.

Social Media

Never before has it been so easy for businesses to keep the conversation with clients alive. Use social media to keep your audience updated. Even if they don’t care about the content, having a constant presence in their newsfeed shows them you’re making an effort. It helps personalize the relationship you’ve started to build.


A bit of a stretch to be considered “content,” an old-fashioned phone call is a great way to have a personal “touch base.” If you are delegating this task, make sure the call is scripted, even if it’s just a one sentence introduction. You want to make sure your staff are conveying exactly the right message.

Simple practice, eh? But still so rarely used. Think of it this way: Even before you know it, you are in a conversation with your customers. Are you going to slam the door behind them as they are saying “See you later,” or smile and wave until they’re out of sight? You know the “write” answer!

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